Equine Gait Analysis

In a previous time of my life I was the Equine Sales Manager for ETB Gait Analysis products. I worked for the company because I genuinely believed in the products ability to provide invaluable objective information in black and white about how your horse moves. As a result rider, owner and/or trainer can find out what is 'normal' movement for their horse, give themselves landmark goals along the training way and monitor if what they do with their horse is productively working for it. It is for all these reasons that I still keep involved with gait analysis.

If you are interested in booking a gait analysis session please contact me.

Analyse & Excel with ETB GaitSmart Pegasus

European Technology for Business (ETB) Ltd. GaitSmart Pegasus specialises in equine gait analysis, educating and serving the industry, and promoting its uses for performance and welfare.

With the latest technology you can learn more about your horse and how it moves than ever before. Use the knowledge for that extra competitive edge, tracking training improvements, to monitor rehabilitation progress, to help try to prevent injury, or to investigate what simply doesn’t feel quite right. The applications for gait analysis are endless.

ETB has developed the innovative GaitSmart Pegasus range including the Limb Phasing, Cannon Angle and Hock Angle systems. They are easy to use, completely portable and battery operated. The unique product design means you can capture your entire trial and accurate in depth information about every limb in every stride.