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"The Introduction to Horse Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy at ‘Horses for Causes’ in Blaby, was a great way to connect with others within both the the mental health and horse worlds who share a joint aim in harnessing the unique qualities of the horse to help people to learn or heal.
We met a wide range of psychotherapists and counsellors, as well as equine specialists who were all at different stages of participation in the growing 'Equine Assisted' industry. Some attendees were accredited psychotherapists looking to incorporate horses into their existing mental health practice, other attendees were intending to open Horse Assisted Centres, and some - such as Penny Bond from Hush Farms were able to share their insights as experienced practitioners .
Tina, from Equichanics, who delivered the the presentation was great fun as well as extremely thought provoking, giving us hands on experience of how the behaviour of horses can open up conversation between therapist and client. I left feeling grateful that our work is being represented by such professionals and awed by the power of this work to change lives".

Christine Fairweather