You and Your Horse

I believe building a functional relationship between horse and human is not magic.
is method and mechanics.
Building any viable relationship requires both skills and techniques (mechanics) and timing and feel (method). 

When a new owner/rider comes to me I will take some time to watch how the horse-handler combination perform. We will discuss how they usually work and what their education routine may be. It is also important to develop the way that the handler 'plans' for each session.

Once this is established I will then develop a plan of targets and goals for the horse and handler based on what has been said. We'll break this down into a series of session goals then the work can begin. Of course, depending on what happens throughout the session, the goals may change.
I have found it useful to ensure goals are S. M. A. R. T. This stands for Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and have Timing, paced at a level to suit horse and rider abilities, enabling them to be achievable.

Services Provided

  • Private one-to-one lessons - usually I travel to your home
  • Lesson days - usually purchased for birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • Clinic days
  • Groundwork
    • Foal/youngster handling
      • Introducing a halter
      • Introducing leading - we can start this as early as you want - we can do this while the foal is still with its mother
    • Rehabilitating after injury - I work closely with Helen Tompkins for this
    • Educating/re-educating beneficial bio-mechanical and postural carriage to promote a long, healthy, ridden life
      • the above can be done through/include lunging, long lining and free schooling
  • Riding – hacking, flatwork, showjumping, cross-country, Horse Agility, Trec etc.
  • Unwanted behaviour modification
  • Young horse foundation training such as:
    • Introducing a halter
    • Leading
    • Tying up
    • Picking up feet and preparing for the farrier
    • Preparation for medical procedures such as vaccinations, worming and dentist
    • Introduction to bridle and saddle and teaching the horse to understand the ridden aids/cues in all gaits
    • Trailer loading
    • Preparing for the human world of novel & unnatural stimuli such as noises, flappy objects, walking on different surfaces etc.
  • Talks/lectures for Riding Clubs, Colleges, Universities, Horse Camps etc.
  • Development of individual training plans including effective goal setting and detailed shaping plans to help you get to where you want to go with your horse
  • Help and support via telephone, Skype, email or video review

Details of further services are under construction