These are a few testimonials from clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

I just don't know where to begin. Tina has taught me so much, her skills and knowledge are second to none, she has an amazing ability to help you understand topics that you may find difficult, without making you feel stupid! 

Without Tina's help, patience and ability I wouldn't have the knowledge I have now, she taught me how to assess my horse's body, by just observing his movement. Without her I'm sure I would have given up along time ago.

Anyone who has met Tina and gets to know her will love her. It's her passion and drive for horses that will encourage you to want to learn more, to push your riding abilities and to want to better yourself. 

Jade and Jasper
Equine Student from Moulton College, Northampton, England


I met Tina 2 years ago in 2012.
At that time I was 60 and had 2 home-bred horses … a 20 year old mare and her 4 year old gelding son, “BB”. I had had horses around me for many years but had only really started to ride my mare in the last 10 years….she had problems and I was riding her bit-less.

I was at a crossroads in my life.

I wanted to continue with my beloved mare… she had more years to offer and I wasn’t sure I was able to cope with 2 horses, so I felt the sensible option…reluctantly.. was to sell BB. I wasn’t sure what future I could offer him ….in any sense of the meaning….and continue with my mare into retirement (both of us!). I was losing my confidence especially after a bad fall a year earlier and was concerned that the boy would be too much for me. Perhaps he would be better with a young person who could offer so much more than me??
I had seen Tina working with another young horse in the village and was so very impressed with the progress every time I saw her… the horse and owner both gaining confidence …I wanted some of that.
I called Tina and we met and had a talk about what my plan was, and agreed that the plan was to be …‘’Prep to sell’’.

Tina started working BB, then 4 years old, on the ground in the sand-school and ‘on the road’. I could see a fantastic relationship developing and how quickly he was picking up and responding to Tina’s skills and experience.
After a few sessions I felt an overwhelming desire to be part of the programme and had to renegotiate with Tina… that I keep BB and she apply her skills to training me!
Her ability to achieve results with BB made me want to ‘have some of that’.
A confidence issue …..I wasn’t going to succeed in a future with my boy without considerable work and it needed a very special trainer with a very special understanding of both horse and owner.
Un-phased that the agenda was to be changed Tina started to teach me to gain confidence by working with me and BB on the ground.
We had to go back to basics with me ….I had never really had ‘’proper lessons’’…I didn’t even know how to put on a bridle.

A challenge??

Completely professional at all times, focused and attentive to every single detail Tina encouraged me and gave me the confidence to work with a horse that I had considered (and had been told by others) way beyond my ability.

In the beginning I was always worrying that I wasn’t up to the mark…that I hadn’t done my homework….that I hadn’t reached perfection.

All this was to change.

Tina’s practical methods, her imagination, and ability to turn a task into an achievement and even a pleasure made me start looking forward to our sessions rather than worrying.
Tina has the most incredible ability to achieve results….the ability to ask of you without causing emotional stress ….to understand the limitations…. to push the boundaries and yet always to be aware of the horse and riders ability.
Tina’s professional knowledge and background …her lifelong experience with horses and her fantastic enthusiastic personality gives her the ability to be able to relay information effectively to horse and rider with great results.
She sees everything from behind, in front, and even when she’s not there!! She knows what’s happening ….she quickly is able to predict what may happen and explain carefully how to deal with it

I have always found spoken and written instruction/information difficult to retain. Tina has managed to overcome this by her amazing versatility to create a visual and/or practical method to demonstrate her skills and endorses this by ensuring that, in my case. I was able to remember, retain, and process the valuable information.
The positive results that I have achieved are a credit to her professional and versatile ability and tenacity to facilitate and ensure that a positive result is achieved.
I am now a very happy rider of my 6 year old gorgeous boy, whom I ride out with confidence …having bonded and forged a very special relationship with him. We are experiencing the forest trails, the lakeside tracks and the long paths through wild and open countryside of France. He has an amazing canter which he offers me and I take ….when I want(!) ….something I only ever aspired to experience …and now we enjoy together.

Thank you Tina.

Annie Relf
Horse Owner from Devon, U.K.


Tina is a diligent, hard working person with excellent knowledge of the bio-mechanics of horses and can advise people on how to improve this.

Diana Hodgins
Managing Director of European Technology for Business Ltd (ETB Ltd), producers of Pegasus Equine Gait Analysis, Hertfordshire


Tina is meticulous when it comes to her work, she is exceptionally thorough and this is reflected in the high standard of results. She pays particular attention to detail and loves to share her equine knowledge and discuss different experiences and methods with her clients and colleagues.

Helen O'Connell
Horse Owner from Limerick, Rep. Of Ireland


People like Tina are a rare commodity. We know a very few individuals who work with as much commitment and integrity. Tina is someone who is only ever satisfied when they give 300% to the job in hand and has eyes in the front and back of her head to ensure that she's considered all potential implications for actions and the potential of any opportunity. She works with excellent sensitivity and empathy and is straightforward in every way. Open, honest and willing to test out ideas, there is little (if anything), that will phase Tina. If you needed to trust her with your life, you'd be in safe and dependable hands - and you'd enjoy the journey, along the way! Needless to say, her sense of humour is guaranteed to make every day of work and play, a joy.

She's a gem and an extremely knowledgeable gem, too. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll be sure to go a long way to find the answers. Tina's definitely someone who will be three steps ahead. When someone is this conscientious, you know that you're free to get on with your own stuff while Tina manages the rest with immense professionalism.

Tina's time with Hush Farms has involved:

Horsemanship for a wide range of breeds, of varying temperament, requiring differing amounts of care and treatment.

Facilitating learning and personal development for a wide mix of visitors from those suffering with extreme anxiety and depression to corporate teams.

Networking, PR and sales. Tina's natural charm and insight can be relied on to make friends and win customers.

Anyone who has Tina on their team will be exceedingly lucky and will have a winning team.

Penny Bond
Founder and Director of Hush Farms Ltd, Devon, U.K.


During our time working together, I was very impressed with Tina's clarity of thought and delivery, her personable nature, honesty, willingness to learn, and professionalism. She made it a mission to explain difficult concepts in a way that could be readily understood.

Ian Braithwaite, Electronics Engineer at European Technology for Business Ltd (ETB Ltd), producers of Pegasus Equine Gait Analysis, Hertfordshire, U.K.


I have known Tina for a number of years. She is one of the few people that I would trust to look after my horse when i am not there. She knows what she is doing and can be trusted to treat the horses fairly.
She has also competed my horse for me and rode the rounds exactly as I would have liked.
Teresa Black
Horse Owner from Exeter, Devon, U.K.


 Tina has always had a natural connection with the horses and people she worked with and around. I was fortunate enough to participate in one of her training sessions and look forward to doing so again.

Horse Owner from Exeter, Devon, U.K.

Whilst working alongside Tina I found her to be extremely professional in her work and dedicated to transferring her knowledge in the most effective manner. She has an extensive knowledge of the equine industry and would pass this knowledge on to her learners in a way that inspired them to go further. It was a true pleasure to work alongside someone like Tina.

Krista McLeannan

Associate Lecturer/Resident Researcher in Animal Welfare, Moulton College, Northampton, U.K.


Hi Hush Farms and Equichanics,

The feedback I received from the clients I brought with me to Hush Farms was that they both enjoyed the day and the activities. They both mentioned that they were particularly impressed with the kindness of you
rself and all your staff and that they also really enjoyed the food!

From a personal perspective the things that stood out to me were yourself and all the staff - You were all so attentive, kind, and really took time to talk/listen to everyone in the group. I particularly felt the work with Tina and the horses was very innovative and I imagine could be very therapeutic for our clients.

Thanks again,

Julie Vincent
Support, Time and Recovery Worker
East Devon Recovery & Independent Living Team


Many thanks Hush Farms and Equichanics for your continued generous free support and time you offer to veterans. The groups that we bring to Hush Farms have a great time. It is interesting to see that some of the veterans who have been highly anxious get so much out of the time spent at Hush Farms. Some had felt unable to attend a local group but were able to cope with the open air environment and gradually become more engaged in activities and with other members of the group. One said it was the first time they had laughed for over a year. They often take up some of the activities experienced on the day and make arrangements to meet up with some of the veterans again. Some choose to take up your offer to return. This can rebuild their confidence and be a stepping stone to resuming work or other activities.

From a clinical point of view, it offers an ideal opportunity to gauge mental health and abilities in a non-clinic environment and to then to work in partnership with individual's strengths as they work towards recovery.

I have also had feedback from Carers' days. For some women it has been the first time for many years that they had done something just for themselves. They have found some of the activities very empowering. Some have drawn parallels between the horse behaviour Tina did with them and their experiences. Whether veterans or carers they have expressed a firm desire and motivation to return to Hush Farms.

Linda Winn
M.Phil, MCGI, R.N., Arts Therapist, Accredited EMDR Practitioner, Reg, Psych Superviser.
Veterans' Therapist, South West Veterans' Partnership